Plumbing Support Services


We offer advanced services to local plumbing contractors so they can become more profitable and better serve their customers. We offer our Kubota mini-excavator to assist plumbers in the installation of new sewer lines and as an emergency response to repair damaged residential sewer pipes.


With our trailer mounted Hydro-Jetter we can unclog main building drains in minutes. Why spend hours with a sewer tape trying to reach and unclog backed up main lines? On average the typical plumber spend 3 hours working on drain blockages. We offer 24 hour emergency response and we can reach and unclog the toughest obstructions.


Carolina Pipe Repair, LLC can help you when all seems lost. We have tackled everything from root intrusion to cement and mortar mix clogging pipes. We do everything we can to solve your problem and get things flowing again.

Grease Removal

Grease is one of the toughest problems facing homeowners and landlords. Even the smallest amount of grease allowed down a drain can form a rock hard restriction that will slowly build up until your pipes are completely clogged. With our Hydro-Jetter we can de-grease most pipes and have thing back to flowing in no time.


If your sewer lines are backed up we can get them unclogged in minutes. By using our Hydro-Jetter we can attack the problem while protecting your pipes from the damage that typical sewer cleaning machines can cause.


If you need to locate the exact location of a underground pipe we can pinpoint its location down to inches. We take the guess work out of where and how deep to dig. We also offer complete site locating where we identify all Drain and Vent pipes in your home or property.

Concerned we do not offer the service you seek? Call us; we are happy to recommend service providers that maintain the same standards we do.

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